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Recommended Books About Faceting

These are some books we recommend, and others may have their favorites. Many of these may be found at used book stores and libraries; getting the information does not have to be expensive! Remember, every machine that we know of comes with a small manual that will give you enough of the basics to cut your first few stones; these are books that will give you more detail and reference materials that will enhance the quantity and variety of information about faceting.

Faceting Diagrams

There are many books that are basicly collections of diagrams for faceting; some are collections of cuts by various people, and others are collections by one person. When you find some of these, look through and see if the cuts appeal to you.

Long & Steele have a series called "Facet Design" that is excellent for diagrams and information about the "theory" behind optical performance and gem cuts. Vol 1- Ovals; Vol 2- Naivete/Marquise; Vol 3- Hearts & Pears; Vol 4- Rectangle and Emerald designs; Vol 5- Rounds; Vol 6- Barions; Vol 7- Antique Square Cushion.
All "Facet Design" volumes are available at the Facet Shoppe, as well as "Introduction to Meetpoint Faceting"
by Long & Steele
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Vargas has a 3-volume series called "Diagrams for Faceting" that has directions that allow for altering the cuts to adjust to the rough. The "Diagrams for Faceting" series of books are all available at the Facet Shoppe:
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Recommended Books About Minerals / Faceting Materials.

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