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After 10 years of research and development, an innovative Australian company, Advanced Crystallisation Technology Pty Ltd has released a new and unique gemstone - Cristinite.

Displaying all the qualities and characteristics of beautiful gems, this newly created gemstone, Cristinite has proven to be a "must have" gemstone in the collections of all who have seen it.

It is a Chalcedonic type gem material with added proprietary chemical formulations that is subjected a series of computer controlled environmental conditions.

Cristinite has been examined and cut by expert faceters in Australia, USA, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Korea and without exception, they have found it to be a wonderful gemstone that facets very easily and polishes to a fine vitreous luster.

Suitable for most jewelry settings, it is tough and very workable, making it an ideal gemstone for both the amateur and professional gem cutter alike.

Technically, Cristinite general specifications are :-

  • Hardness: 6.5 - 7 Mohs scale
  • Refractive Index: 1.61- 1.63 (SR) (avg.= 1.62)
  • Specific Gravity: 2.6 - 3.6

As a gemstone material, Cristinite is available in a range of clear, translucent and opaque colors. There is also a limited range of color change and there are several colors in the translucents and opaques.

Bi-Colors are truly exciting additions to the range. These allow the cutter to enter a whole new dimension of creativity and artistry.

Cristinite ™ Standard Colors:

  • CR-101 Lt. Pink
  • CR-102 Lilac
  • CR-102D Lavender/Plum
  • CR-103 Peach
  • CR-104 Lemon Citrine
  • CR-107 Amber / Citrine
  • CR-108 Hessonite Orange
  • CR-115B Aqua Blue
  • CR-115G Aqua Green
  • CR-123 Peridot Green
  • CR-129 Beryl Green/Yellow


Cristinite ™ Special Colors:

These are harder to make than the standard colors,

  • CR-106: Special Color- Golden Sapphire-
  • CR-112: Special Color- medium Sapphire (Blue/violet)-
  • CR-112D: Special Color- dark Sapphire (Blue/violet)-
  • CR-114: Ceylon Blue Sapphire color
  • CR-117: Teal Blue color
  • CR-118: Emerald Green
  • CR 119: Beryl Mint Green
  • CR-130: Tropicana Blue color

Cristinite ™ Color Change:

CR-151: Color Change- "Alex"- $0.12/ct

CR-152: Color Change- "Honey" to peridot- $0.12/ct

Cristinite ™ 2-Color:

These always appear to be a mix of the two colors they are made of.

CR-251: Two-color, Lt Pink & Medium Green: $0.50/ct
CR-252: Two-color, Lt Pink & Mint Green: $0.40/ct
CR-253: Two-color, Lt Green & Tourmaline Pink: $0.50/ct

Cristinite BI-Color:

These appear green when looking down the long axis of the stone!

This is not 2 colors glued together-
these are a single piece grown in 2 colors.

Pieces average around 50 cts each; most are rectangles.
CR-301: Bi-Color- citrine and blue- blend to green: CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
CR-336: Bi-Color- aqua blue and tourmaline pink blend to violet: $0.60/ct

Cristinite Faceting & Polishing Tips:

The Bi-Colors and the medium blue Standard Color that we cut for the pictures on this page all have a RI between 1.611 and 1.628; use your favorite angles for topaz (for brightness) or quartz (for richer color).
The "best" angle range to try would be in the 41-43 degree range for the pavilion, or even 39 for the pavilion with relatively high crown angles.
This is excellent (and economical) material to experiment with, so you might want to try a variety of angle combinations and compare the results.
Above all, HAVE FUN!

Polishing is easy... prepolish with 1200 (I strongly prefer the 1200 resin laps for this material- NuBond or Dyna Disk), and it should polish easily and quickly with a superb finish. Our preference is to use cerium polish, typically on Dyna Disk cerium laps, Wizard, DARKSIDE, or BATT laps. Alumina (especially the Dick Walker Alumina Susupension) works well on DW Wizard, DARKSIDE, and tin alloy laps, BATT included. Others have reported excellent results using diamond to polish Cristinite on a variety of laps.

Basicly, give it a good prepolish, and any of the common polishes should give good results!

How To Order

All colors and measurements are to be considered estimates only; Please inspect your order when you receive it and form your own determinations. Of course, I offer 15-day return privilege on any unaltered materials for refund, credit, or exchange.

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