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Why buy custom-cut stones?

All gems are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee,
and may be returned unaltered within 15 days for a full refund.

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We have added new things, and more is coming soon. Check out our new "Specials" page for some exceptional bargains. We have many additions to our jewelry selections, and have added many new faceted gemstones for sale, including a special new section featuring man-made materials.

We have divided our list to minimize download time for those with specific interests:

Please email me if you are looking for something specific! Much of what we have is not listed, and your requests will help me by indicating what to add to the list next. Also, I do have associates who may have what you need.

How To Order

All colors and measurements are to be considered estimates only; Please inspect your order when you receive it and form your own determinations. Of course, I offer 15-day return privilege on any unaltered materials for refund, credit, or exchange.

Comments or Questions?

For information on Facet Shoppe products and services, gemcutting, and especially if you have comments; please send them to me!

For those who prefer snail mail, write to:

                Facet Shoppe   
                PO Box 534 
                Burley  WA  98322 
                          (360) 443-6313 

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