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Citrine: (variety of Quartz). This is generally heat-treated, though some does occur naturally.

Picture of Stone Q-518-CITR: Citrine Deep Orange-Red of exceptional color, calibrated to 6.0 mm for easy mounting in settings, and weighs .69 cts. $52.50

Picture of Stone Q-523-CITR: Citrine-This is a clean, pastel yellow citrine. It was faceted by John in a radiant cut corner square design. It is 12 mm, just right for setting in a commercial mounting, and weighs 7.81 cts. $ 142.50

Picture of Stone Q-561-CITR: Deep colored citrine: this is a rich colored, clean citrine faceted by John. The design is one of John's called "Erin's Cut", an unusual shape with sparkle and scintillation. It is 8.9 x 8.1 mm, and it weighs 1.85 cts. $110.00

Picture of Stone Q-562-CITR: Golden Citrine. This one is faceted in a Round Brilliant by John. It is a clean stone, a rich golden color, sized to fit in 15 mm commercial settings. It is 14.9 x 10.0 mm, 10.74 cts, $ 250.00

Picture of Stone KF-108-CITR: This is a fine golden citrine, faceted in a marquise cut by Ken Foxe. It is a clean stone with excellent color. It is 16.4 x 8.3 mm, 4.27 cts. $ 124.00

Diamonds, Blue

Picture of Stones

These are a stunning bright blue! They are color enhanced with a treatment that is permanent- you do not need to worry about them fading over time. These are some of the finest Colored Diamonds available, and I have chosen some of the best that our supplier offers. Colored diamonds are wonderful to put in promise rings, earrings, and are excellent as accent stones to complement any piece of fine jewelry! All of these are well-proportioned standard round brilliants. We have quite a few of these, so if you would like more than you see listed, let us know!


This is a group of stones that come in every color except blue (though some color change garnets will appear blue in certain lighting situations). They are widely used in jewelry, with have a hardness of 7, good dispersion, and variety of colors (including color-change)

Picture of Stone G-451B-GROSS: Grossular Garnet: This dainty little yellow cut corner triangle is a real charmer. It has plenty of sparkle and clarity is good. It is .50 cts and 4.4 mm. It was faceted by Barb. $45.00

Picture of Stone G-469B-HESS: This Hessonite Garnet is cut in a cut corner triangle. It is a wonderful apricot color. It does has some inclusions that tend to get lost in the sparkles and flashes. It is 11 X 9.2 mm and is 4.52 ct. Cutter is Barb. $240.00

Picture of Stone G-508-GARN: Malaya Garnet: A prime-colored Malaya in an ideal custom shape! This one is 10.2 x 6.8 mm and weighs 2.37 ct. for only $ 355.50

Picture of Stone G-530-GARN: Royal Purple Garnet: this one has a checkerboard type crown rather than a flat table. It has plenty of red flash in this velvety purple-colored stone. It is 8.8 mm and 2.23 ct. Cut by John. $267.00

Picture of Stone G-538-GARN: This royal purple garnet is a wonderful rich burgundy red color, and rare to find in this size. The cut is a trilliant variation, 11 mm and 5.35 ct. John is the cutter. $897.00.

Picture of Stone G-539-GARN: -this is a Pyrope-Almandine combination with a high RI- another Type II stone. It has a royal purple-colored body color, with pure red reflections. The picture does not do this one justice! It has a couple of very slight inclusions which are not visible in normal viewing, and do not detract from the appearance or value of this stone. This variety of garnets over 3 carats are rare, and this one is 8.9 mm, and weighs 3.39 cts. $562.50

Color Change Garnet

These are rare specialty stones from Africa, changing colors under different light sources.

Picture of Stone G-446B-CC: The color change in this is from peach to olive green. It is a cut corner square. This one is also cut by Barb. It has some minor inclusions that do not detract from the beauty of the stone. It is .62 cts and 4.4 mm $300.00

Picture of Stone G-554-CC: Color change garnet- a unique gem that changes color depending on the light source. This one is a bright medium pink in incandescent light, and green flashes in fluorescent light; catch it in just the right combination of lights and you have both colors dancing and flashing. Round brilliant, 5.1 mm, .62 cts, clean except for one small bubble-faceted by John. $ 300.00

Picture of Stone G-555-CC: This one is a bright medium pink in incandescent light, and green flashes in fluorescent light. This one was faceted by John in an emerald shape- 5.0 x 4.3 mm, .79 ct, and it is a clean stone- $ 330.00

Picture of Stone G-558-CC: This one is a bright medium pink in incandescent light, and green flashes in fluorescent light. This one was faceted by John in an emerald shape- 6.3 x 3.9 mm, .89 ct, and it is a clean stone- $ 350.00

Merelani Mint Garnet

This is a grossular variety of garnet that is a pastel mint green color and comes from the Merelani Hills of Africa.

Picture of Stone KF-109-MINT: A clean stone, pale mint green, faceted in an octagon cut by Ken Foxe. It is 3.5mm, 0.20cts. $39.00

Rhodolite Garnet

Picture of Stone DA-142-RHOD: Rhodolite Garnet This is a deep, pure red stone- beautiful color. It does have a slight veil, not visible in normal viewing. It is cut in a 6-sided Barion cut, to bring out the best of this stone's color and sparkle. It is 6.5 mm, 1.82 cts, for just $ 148.50

Picture of Stone G-542-RHOD: This Rhodolite Garnet is a clean stone, cut in a 16 main round design to bring out the deep, pure red flash in this fine stone. It is 10.2 mm, 5.06 cts. $ 598.50

Picture of Stone G-548-RHOD: Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet- cut in a round brilliant by Barb. Lots of sparkle and glitter with this one. It is a clean stone and measures 8.6 mm, 3.31 cts.$312.00

Picture of Stone G-550-RHOD: Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet- Cut by John into one of his Portuguese variations, with lots of extra facets to bring out the scintillation and color of this clean stone. It measures 8.8 mm, and is 4.03 cts. $ 297.00

Spessartine Garnet

One of the rarer Garnets, this one ranges from a pale orange to brownish red. Ours are from Africa and California. The gems from Ramona California are the more prized gems with their rich orange-red color. This gem is seldom flawless over 5 cts. These make good stones for jewelry with a hardness 7.25.

Picture of Stone G-470B-SPES: This is a great little orange stone with lots of sparkle. This stone is from Africa. It is a round standard brilliant, 6 mm and 1.06 ct. It has some very minor inclusions but you will have to look hard to find them. Cut by Barb $150.00

Picture of Stone G-473B-SPES: Spessartite Garnet- This gem is from the Namibia mines and is an intense red/orange color. It is cut in a trilliant and has sparkle galore! As is typical of large stones of this material, it has some minor inclusions. This one is a knock out! Cut by Barb. It is 10.1 mm and 4.26 ct. $1423.50

Picture of Stone G-551-SPES: Orange Spessartite from Mozambique. This is a round brilliant faceted by John. It does have a slight veil, but it is lost in the brilliant color. Spessartite has a high RI of 1.81, which gives it superior brilliance and scintillation. It is 5.1 mm, .69 ct, just $ 88.50

Picture of Stone G-552-SPES: Orange Spessartite from Mozambique. This is a round variation faceted by John, and is relatively clean for this color of garnet, having a very minor veil in it. It is 5.0 mm, and weighs .86 cts. It has extra depth which adds to the color saturation. $ 103.50

Picture of Stone G-566-SPES: Mozambique spessartine garnet: Faceted by John in a round brilliant, this is a clean, orange stone. It is 5.5 mm, and weighs 0.91 cts.$ 80.00

Tsavorite Garnet

A beautiful green grossular garnet from Africa; in the garnet family, these stones are relatively rare. This has a hardness of 7.5 and is currently a popular jewelry and collector's stone. It's deeper colors rival the emerald in hue and intensity, and it is found in a range of shades including a fine "apple green" to a pale tint of pure green.

Picture of Stone G-509-TSAV: This one is a fine medium green, some call it an "apple" green. It is slightly included, and is priced accordingly, but it appears clean and bright in normal viewing. Cut by John, it's 4.2 mm, .33 ct. $45.00

Picture of Stone G-514-TSAV: It does have a small veil in it, but appears clear and bright in normal viewing. It is a round brilliant stone, 3.3 mm in diameter, that weighs .17 ct. Cut by John $76.50

Picture of Stone G-529-TSAV: This tsavorite is the richest color that you can find, a deep blue/green- this is as good as it gets! It does have a couple of minor veils, but they are not easily visible in the lush green color of this fine gem, and the price has been adjusted accordingly. This one is 5.8 mm, just ready for mounting in jewelry, and weighs 1.06 cts; only $ 1048.50

Umbalite Garnet

This is a hot pink/purple garnet: pyrope/almandine with traces of spessartite. It is found in the Umba river valley in Africa, which it is named after.

Picture of Stone G-560-UMBA: This stone is eye clean with some "tube" inclusions under magnification (typical for this material). This was faceted by John in one of his unpublished "Jennifer" variations. It is 6.6 mm, 1.33 cts. This week only $ 159.00

Picture of Stone G-561-UMBA: This stone is eye clean with some "tube" inclusions under magnification (typical for this material). This was faceted by John in a trilliant design: 7.5 mm, 1.66 cts. $ 199.50

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All colors and measurements are to be considered estimates only; Please inspect your order when you receive it and form your own determinations. Of course, I offer 15-day return privilege on any unaltered materials for refund, credit, or exchange.

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