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Ruby, Burma

Ruby, Burma: These are a medium/deep red, with impaired clarity- not much on flash, but they do have great color. I would expect that they have been heat treated; most rubies are. Ruby is the red color of Sapphire, otherwise known as Corundum. Hardness = 9; excellent for all jewelry uses.

Picture of Stone S-511-RUBY: Nice medium/deep Red. Cut in a 5.0 x 2.8 mm Emerald Cut. Should fit commercial mounts. (0.40 ct.) $ 120.00

Sapphire from Africa

Tunduru Sapphire: These are some of the finest sapphires you can find. They can be found in every color (with the reds being called rubies). People generally think of the deep cornflower blue when they think of sapphires but the other colors are equally as stunning. Hardness = 9; excellent for all jewelry uses.

Picture of Stone S-402B-SAPH: This Tunduru Sapphire has the intense colors of the finest deep blue/violet Tanzanite. Blue sapphires should all look this good! Lots of sparkle in this round standard brilliant, 4.3 mm and .46 cts- cut by Barb $276.00

Picture of Stone S-513-SAPH: Umba Sapphire: a nice yellow sapphire, faceted by John in a square cushion design called "Barbara's Cushion". It does have a "galaxy" inclusion typical of this material, though it is not apparent in normal viewing. This one is 6.4 mm, 1.41 ct. $210.00

Montana Sapphire

Sapphire, Montana: From the good 'ol USA- not the African stuff the collectors drool over, but priced accordingly, and will wear well in jewelry. Also likely to have been heat-treated. Sapphire, otherwise known as Corundum, comes in all colors (Ruby is the red variety). Hardness = 9; excellent for all jewelry uses.

Picture of Stone S-501-SAPH: Nice medium Blue, with good sparkle; eye clean. This is a 5.2 mm round at 0.83 ct. $240.00

Picture of Stone S-507-SAPH: One of the better blue hues from Montana, in a 5.8 x 3.3 mm Emerald Cut 0.65 ct. Clean! $195.00

S-508-SAPH: Medium to light Blue- Visibly included, has a "sleepy" look in a pretty color. 4.6 mm Standard Round Brilliant, 0.54 ct. $40.50

Picture of Stone S-514-SAPH: This one is a fine blue/green color, a clean stone faceted by John in a round brilliant. It has been heat treated to permanently enhance the color. It is 5.6 mm, 0.98 cts. $270.00

Picture of Stone S-515-SAPH: This is a blue cut corner square stone, faceted by John. It does have a minor veil near one side, not visible in normal viewing. It has been heat treated to permanently enhance the color. It is 5.0 mm, 0.95 ct. $300.00

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All colors and measurements are to be considered estimates only; Please inspect your order when you receive it and form your own determinations. Of course, I offer 15-day return privilege on any unaltered materials for refund, credit, or exchange.

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