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Topaz: Hardness = 8. Outstanding gem for jewelry; blue colors are usually the result of treatment, though some blue topaz does occur naturally.

Picture of Stone DA-105-TOPA: Blue Topaz- a fine "freeform" shaped stone; 14.7 x 8.7 mm, and 4.30 cts. It's a fine, bright color approaching Swiss Blue- perfect for a custom jewelry maker to explore their creative ideas! $ 150.00

Picture of Stone DA-147-TOPA: This Blue Topaz is a *pair* of matched pastel blue topaz stones, just right for earrings or other jewelry uses. These are cut in a unique square cut for a look that is sure to attract attention! These clean stone are each 6.6 mm, and the total weight of the pair is 3.49 cts. $ 130.50

Picture of Stone T-520-TOPA:This Imperial Topaz is a fine "orangy" color in a cut-corner brilliant square shape. This really fine color more than makes up for some minor inclusions, which are not readily apparent in normal viewing. This is 4.7 mm, .57 ct. Cut by John$112.50

Picture of Stone T-527-TOPA: Imperial Topaz cut in a brilliant square design by John. It is a medium orange/pink, 5.6 mm in diameter, and weighs 1.36 cts. There is lots of color and sparkle in this bright, clean stone! $ 712.50


One of the all-time favorites, that comes in just about every color there is! Various colors do have their individual names. For example: indicolite- blue in all shades; rubellite- pink to red, sometimes w/violet; etc. This is an excellent stone for jewelry; beautiful and durable.

Picture of Stone JG-102-TOUR: This is a clean, rich pink tourmaline. This is faceted by John Grahl in a octagon Barion. This can be mounted in a commercial 4-prong 9 mm mounting. This one is 8.9 mm, 3.25 ct. Priced at $ 1150.00

Picture of Stone JG-103-TOUR: This is a clean red tourmaline. This is faceted by John Grahl in a heart design with a checkerboard crown. This one is 7.2 x 7.1 mm, 1.32 ct. Priced at $ 525.00

Picture of Stone KF-102-TOUR: This tourmaline is a clean green tourmaline with a yellow/green flash. This is faceted by Ken in a cushion hexagon with a unique design- the girdle is a "zig-zag" line, not the typical straight and level line. This can still be mounted in a commercial mounting, however, if you use a 6.5 mm 6-prong setting. This one is 6.5 mm, 0.93 ct. Priced at just $ 142.50

Picture of Stone M-402B-TOUR: Chrome Tourmaline- a deep rich velvet green much like an emerald. This particular gem is slightly deeper in color than the chrome diopside. It is cut in a rectangle 8x3.6 and is .61 carats. $228.75 - cut by Barb

Picture of Stone M-414B-TOUR: This Chrome Tourmaline is a rich velvety green stone, the shape is freeform. It has nice blue and lime green flash in it and only minor inclusions that do not distract from the beauty of the stone.The cutter is Barb. It is 6.4 X 6.5 mm and 1.45 cts. $ 435.00

Picture of Stone M-415B-TOUR: This Rubellite Tourmaline is one with such a rich color pink that it is nearly red. This is a great little round brilliant with lots of fire and flash. This one is from Nigeria.The stone has good clarity and a really rich color. It is 4.9 mm and .67 cts. Cutter is Barb. $ 165.00

Picture of Stone M-454B-TOUR: This pink Tourmaline is from the famous Pala mine. It is a striking stone despite having a flaw or two. In general the most major of the flaws gets lost in the sparkle of the stone. It is hard to find a piece of this size without some flaws . Cut by Barb . This is a 19.8 X7.2mm and 7.24 cts . A stunning Stone!$1350.00

Picture of Stone M-461B-TOUR: This Tourmaline is a stunning neon blue/green color! It is a freeform shape much like a bullet. The cutter is Barb. This stone does have some minor inclusions but they do not distract from the beauty of the gem. It is 8.9 X 5 mm and 1.79 ct. $268.50

Picture of Stone M-463B-TOUR: Seafoam Tourmaline: This is one of those pleasant colors that makes this tourmaline unique and beautiful. This one does have some minor inclusions in it, but they get lost in all the glitter of the gem It is a 10.1 x 8.5 mm rectangle and is 3.75 ct. The cutter is Barb. $337.50.

Picture of Stone M-464B-TOUR: Tourmaline: this one is a clean stone that is a beautiful pastel mint green (some call it "Seafoam"). It was faceted by Barb in an oval design, and it is 10.1 x 7.4 mm, 2.66 cts. $798.00.

Picture of Stone M-510-TOUR: This Indicolite Tourmaline is an incredible medium blue color, truly a stunning stone! The clarity is good, the sparkle is fantastic, and the color out of this world- one of the best from Madagascar! The cut is a square brilliant. It is 7.2 mm and 2.44 cts. The proud cutter is John! $562.50

Picture of Stone M-542B-TOUR: Bi-Colored Tourmaline- This bi-colored tourmaline is an emerald cut variation cut by Barb. It has interesting color separations in it that add to its character and uniqueness. It is 4.11 cts and 11.5 X 7 mm. $616.50

Picture of Stone M-545 Green Tourmaline- Deep forest green with lots of sparkle. It is a square variation and measures 5.5 mm, 1.11 cts. $ 75.00

Picture of Stone M-546-TOUR: This is a wonderful rich blue/green tourmaline with lots of character! This one is interesting to see under different light sources: blue/green under incandescent light, more blue in direct sunlight, but in other light, it appears almost bi-colored with blue/green and some yellow/green flash as it is tilted. John cut this in one of his vertical bar variations. The size is 15.1 X 5.8 mm and is 3.96 ct. A real bargain at $1035.00

Picture of Stone M-551-TOUR: Orange Tourmaline: this gem comes from the Taquari mines, which are located at the southern tip of Brazil. This is a brilliant emerald cut, 8.5 x 7.5 mm, 2.71 cts, and it does have some of the slight inclusions typical of this material. $298.50

Picture of Stone M-580-TOUR: Tourmaline Neon Blue/green from Afghanistan. This is a beautiful color, with only very minor inclusions. It was faceted by John in one of his new designs, tentatively called "Emerald Hourglass" (check out the picture- the name will make more sense). This one is 16.7 x 6.1 mm, and weighs 4.46 ct. $ 898.50

Picture of Stone M-584-TOUR: Pink Tourmaline from Afghanistan, faceted by John in his "Jennifer-2" round design (which won a "12 Best" of the year award). This one has a visible flaw, but it also has a beautiful pure color and a great price for a stone of this size. This one is also sized for easy setting; it is 12.0 mm 5.81 ct. $ 510.00

Picture of Stone M-587-TOUR: Taquari Tourmaline cut by John in an original cut-corner square design. This is a beautiful mix of orange and rich pink color. It is 6.0 mm, 1.17 cts. $ 148.50

Picture of Stone M-588-TOUR: Taquari Tourmaline cut by John in a round brilliant design. This is a fine golden champagne color, bright and sparkly. It is 6.0 mm, 0.87 cts. $ 93.00

Picture of Stone M-589-TOUR: Taquari Tourmaline cut by John in a round brilliant design. This is a fine golden champagne color, bright and sparkly. It is 6.6mm, 1.20 cts. $ 130.50

Picture of Stone KF-116-TOUR: Green Tourmaline: This was faceted by Ken in a Vertical Bar design, and Ken did a superb job in creating a very unusual (and difficult to facet) long and thin gem that really gets attention! You have to see this one to believe it. This is a clean stone, and it is sized just right for setting in a "tourmaline" mounting. It is 12.0 x 4.0 mm, 1.26 cts. $ 152.00

Tourmaline from Mozambique

These come from nodules that resemble watermelon tourmaline- a rind of green coating a core of another color- and are a truly unique and fascinating gemstone! They are extremely dichroic, and appear to change colors in different lighting: the "peachy" red/orange takes on a purple hue under florescent lighting.

Picture of Stone M-407B-TOUR: A fine medium pink/peach color cut in a round brilliant that is 9.5 mm, 3.57 cts. This one has exceptional brightness and clarity, and is superbly cut by Barbara. $598.50

Picture of Stone M-408B-TOUR: A deep wine-colored round brilliant variation that offers an interesting and beautiful "pinfire" flash pattern: great sparkle! This one is an 8.2 mm, 2.65 ct. dazzler! Cut by Barbara. $447.00

Picture of Stone M-459B-TOUR: "Rhubarb" color tourmaline- varies in color with different light sources from violet to an earthy tone of orange/brown. This remarkable stone is cut by Barb in a hexagon brilliant cut that is 8 mm and 3.01 cts. $ 450.00

Tsavorite Garnet

See Amethyst to Quartz (Smokey): and they are located as a subgroup of the garnet group.


Zircon: not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia- this is a naturally-occuring stone, generally found as brown to red crystals, with the brown being heat-treated to form clear, blue, and other colored pieces.

Picture of Stone KF-104-ZIRC: This Red Zircon is a natural, untreated zircon faceted by Ken in a round brilliant variation. This is a clean stone, with a rich red/orange color. It is 8.1 mm, 2.55 ct. Priced at just $ 316.50

Picture of Stone DA-131-ZIRC: A brilliant Blue Zircon with excellent color, cut in a Barion oval for maximum emphasis of both color and brilliance. This one does have a slight veil in it which does not detract from the beauty of this fine gem. This one is large for a blue zircon: 11 x 9 mm, and it weighs 3.4 cts. $ 504.38

Picture of Stone M-511-ZIRC: Zircon, Burnt Orange! This one is a dazzler! It's a deep orange stone- almost "root beer"- cut in a brilliant square shape. Cut by John: 1.86 ct / 5.6 mm for only $135.00!

Picture of Stone M-571-ZIRC: This is a medium blue zircon cut in a special cut that adds extra brilliance and scintillation while enhancing the color. This cut is deeper than "standard" rounds, but should fit in commercial settings. It does have a veil off to one side, not visible in normal viewing. It is an 8.3 mm, 3.80 ct round cut, faceted by John. $ 559.50

Picture of Stone M-590-ZIRC: This is a beautiful blue zircon, faceted in a mixed cut by John. It has been oriented carefully to not show the "doubling" of facet edges, which is typical of zircon. This is a clean stone, and all blue zircon should be considered to be heat treated. This one is 5.9 mm, 1.55 cts. $ 194.00

Picture of StoneNEW!
M-591-ZIRC: This is a beautiful red zircon, faceted in a Standard Brilliant cut by John. This is a clean stone, and a beautiful red color. This one is 6.5 mm, 1.59 cts. $ 175.00

Picture of StoneNEW!
M-602-ZIRC: This is a beautiful red zircon, faceted in a Standard Brilliant cut by John. This is a clean stone, and a beautiful red color. This one is 7.1 mm, 2.19 cts. $ 200.00

Picture of StoneNEW!
M-603-ZIRC: This is a beautiful red zircon, faceted in a Round design with a checkerboard crown; cut by John. This is a clean stone, and a beautiful red color. This one is 6.7 mm, 1.65 cts. $ 165.00

Picture of StoneNEW!
M-604-ZIRC: This is a beautiful red zircon, faceted in a Standard Brilliant cut by John. This is a clean stone, and a beautiful red color. This one is 7.3 mm, 2.25 cts. $ 225.00

How To Order

All colors and measurements are to be considered estimates only; Please inspect your order when you receive it and form your own determinations. Of course, I offer 15-day return privilege on any unaltered materials for refund, credit, or exchange.

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