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Curved Facet Gem Stones

All of the following faceted stones have some OMF (Optically Magnified Facets), otherwise called curved facets. The curved facets add brilliance, keep the stone looking "alive" from a wider range of viewing angles, and create some very interesting reflection patterns within the stone. To create an OMF gem, the stone has to be faceted with flat facets, then moved to a special machine to add the curved facets. OMF gems tend to cost more per carat because this is a very time-consuming process and the stone loses weight when the curved facets are added, but the extra beauty and brightness are worth it!

Unless otherwise noted all materials have been faceted here at the Facet Shoppe by John or Barb.

Citrine - Curved Facets

Picture of Stone Q-522C-CITR: Deep Colored Madeira Citrine, cut in a brilliant round design. This is a clean stone with great color and looks great in all lighting situations. It is 8.8 mm, 2.46 cts. $ 255.00

Tourmaline - Curved Facets

Picture of Stone M-564C-TOUR: Mint Green Tourmaline this is a clean stone with a bright, pure green/blue color, and it is cut in a brilliant round design. It is 5.7 mm, .83 cts. $ 169.50

How To Order

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All colors and measurements are to be considered estimates only; Please inspect your order when you receive it and form your own determinations. Of course, I offer 15-day return privilege on any unaltered materials for refund, credit, or exchange.

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