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Opal Cabochons

Cabochons are the domed top stones with flat bottoms that are popular for jewelry making. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made from most any material. Some times they are opaque, sometimes transparent, depending on the material.

Currently, all of the opal cabochons listed here are from Australia.

Picture of Stone O-503-OPAL: This is a Jupiter Mine opal cut by John. It is bullet shaped and has great pinfire on a light grey background. The whole surface of the stone appears to be full of glitter in golds and reds and blues... fine Australian opal. It is 15.2 X 9.8 mm and 3.04 cts. $300.00

Picture of Stone O-414b-OPAL: This is a high domed oval cab cut by Barb from Jupiter Mine opal. The flash on this one is a bit broader. It does have a band of grey opal down the center, sort of like a racing stripe. Lots of pink gold and green flash in this Australian opal. It is 3.5 X 1.5 mm and 4.78 cts. $360.00

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