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Faceter's Mail List

This is the original mail list devoted to Faceting! It has been imitated, but not duplicated. This is the one created by Norma and Jerry Dewbre in 1996 as a "labor of love" that was based on a desire for faceters to share information, and was not a tool for promotion by (or of) financial interests.

When Jerry had some health problems, he arranged for the list to be administered in that same spirit by Don and Sharan Clark of the International Gem society, which is dedicated to bringing quality information and educational services to everyone interested in gemstones. Unfortunately, it was placed "on hold" in November of 2000 due to health problems.

Back Issues of the Faceter's Digest

We are donating space for monthly "Digests of the Digest" that are available to download, so you will have access to the mail list content. These are available as .zip files that you can download directly.

November 2000 (14K) ZIP file
October 2000 (35K) ZIP file
September 2000 (57K) ZIP file
August 2000 (62K) ZIP file
July 2000 (63K) ZIP file
June 2000 (86K) ZIP file
May 2000 (95K) ZIP file
April 2000 (66K) ZIP file
March 2000 (70K) ZIP file
February 2000 (78K) ZIP file
January 2000 (79K) ZIP file
December 1999 (51K) ZIP file
November 1999 (105K) ZIP file
October 1999 (128K) ZIP file
September 1999 (198K) ZIP file
August 1999 (192K) ZIP file
July 1999 (144K) ZIP file
June 1999 (110K) ZIP file
May 1999 (122K) ZIP file
April 1999 (136K) ZIP file
March 1999 (123K) ZIP file
February 1999 (124K) ZIP file
January 1999 (192K) ZIP file
December 1998 (117K) ZIP file
November 1998 (135K) ZIP file
October 1998 (146K) ZIP file
September 1998 (76K) ZIP file
August 1998 (131K) ZIP file
July 1998 (134K) ZIP file
June 1998 (95K) ZIP file
May 1998 (116K) ZIP file
April 1998 (104K) ZIP file
March 1998 (55K) ZIP file
February 1998 (77K) ZIP file
January 1998 (182K) ZIP file
December 1997 (117K) ZIP file
November 1997 (120K) ZIP file
October 1997 (95K) ZIP file
September 1997 (87K) ZIP file
August 1997 (133K) ZIP file
July 1997 (104K) ZIP file
June 1997 (100K) ZIP file
May 1997 (124K) ZIP file
April 1997 (100K) ZIP file
March 1997 (100K) ZIP file
February 1997 (53K) ZIP file
January 1997 (50K) ZIP file
December 1996 (34K) ZIP file
November 1996- "Where It All Began..." (38K) ZIP file

Facet Design Downloads

Download a GIF, GemCad file, and text file of directions on cutting these:

Aztec (11K ZIP file) triangle.
Polar Star (18K ZIP file) cushion.
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