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Barbara Franke: Cut her first stone in 1992, has been faceting ever since. Typically she uses a Raytech machine, and likes to cut a little bit of everything. She is my main advisor for rough purchases, web page ideas, and just about everything important in life. She entered her first stone in competition at the 1997 North West Faceters Guild conference and took second place in the Novice division. She learned that competition cutting is far more exacting and time consuming than cutting for fun, but has continued on to receive even more trophys.
Just an added note to what John wrote about me... John is my mentor and teacher and has inspired me to do better and better faceting... we have three girls and the world's cutest grandson as well as a group of the world's prettiest grandaughters! John and I first met on a blind date when we were both 16 (John thinks we were 15...one of us is getting senile), tall and skinny. He was the first love of my life and the magic continues!

John Franke: Born in 1950. Started with a passion for rockhounding/prospecting, and began gemcutting after mining Idaho opal and Montana sapphires. I was first introduced to the lapidary arts by my godfather, Bill Dean, in my teenage years. My main faceting mentor is Bud Kassahn, who has many "firsts" and records to his credit in the land of faceting, and is a great teacher and friend. Currently using a GemMaster II and other faceting machines. I started the Facet Shoppe in 1990, and placed it on the net in 1995 to promote the grand hobby of faceting. I like to cut a variety of materials; have cut all of the standard jewelry stones as well as some of the less common stones, like sphene, sphalerite, calcite, and amber. Currently a member of the Columbia-Willamette Faceter's Guild, United States Faceters Guild, and active in two local rock clubs.
His highest competition score, graded by Ewing Evans: 99.71 of 100 points possible! Most recent US competition entered was first place, Masters level. His first participation in the Australian International Challenge (2004) scored as # 21 in overall standings.

Dick Anderson: Dick offers these comments about his background: "I started my gem cutting career in 1988, replacing a fishing addiction that had to be curtailed because of back trouble. I am not sure which addiction is worse...I received an initial lesson from Jack Blalock, the rest of my progress has been trial and errors (many). I use an Ultra-Tec machine. Cutting my teeth on Sapphires.(they were easier to get in those days). I like the harder stones such as Topaz, Sapphire, Amethyst, Citrine, Garnets...etc..
The Apex Crown is my design..So far my only original of any note.
I am married (Barbara), and have three grown daughters."

Harvey Burnham: is a second-generation lapidary artist and faceter. He is also in Washington state, and can be reached at: faceter.burnham@yahoo.com

Ken Foxe: is an excellent faceter, and is very active in promoting the hobby of faceting in his local area. He is the son of a jeweler, and is currently working full-time in the jewelry making/lapidary trade in addition to faceting for himself in his "spare" time. He is the youngest member in the Facet Shoppe comunity, and one of the more energetic and enthusiastic members of the group.

John Grahl: started faceting a few years ago after his daughter gave him some mine-run emeralds she found on eBay. The idea intrigued John so much that he went on eBay and bought a 55-lb bucket of emeralds. The emeralds seemed to call for faceting, so he bought a machine and some practice material and a couple of books and started grinding. He is still looking for that prize emerald, but says it must still be in the bucket somewhere. Now he says his daughter's inheritance is all spent, so all she's going to get are some rocks, including a bucket of dirty emeralds. Hailing from Idaho, he has a great sense of humor as well as faceting expertise.

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